What do I learn with your Home DNA test?

No matter which Home DNA test you choose, you receive results, their explanation, personalised recommendations, and a detailed explanation of the science behind each analysis.

  1. Explanation of the analysis: telling you why each individual analysis is important and how do genes influence it.
  2. Detailed personal results: reveals your genotype of a specific gene or the combination of genotypes, which determines your result of the analysis.
  3. Colour-coded results: for better understanding, your results are presented in a colour scheme.
  4. Personalised recommendations and guidelines: are carefully prepared and give you information on how to improve each individual aspect of your life. All information is structured in the most convenient and user-friendly way to make recommendations easy to follow or act on.
  5. Genes vs environment graph: indicates the extent to which certain traits are affected by your genes and the environment. The higher the heritability, the greater the influence our genes have, and the lower influence the environment has.