Remote Assistance Support from GenePlanet allows a support professional in another location to view your computer screen and work on your computer over a secure connection. With, we can view or share control of the remote computer, chat, and highlight sections of the customer’s screen without the need to pre-install software. No permanent software is installed on PC/device in order to deliver support that requires remote access, and GenePlanet support engineers can only remotely access a GenePlanet customer’s PC with that customer’s explicit permission – permission that must be granted each and every time a customer requests support. Support from GenePlanet will be initiated from this site only.

With you let us see your desktop. We can control your computer, while you look at the process or if you prefer we can only watch and you do the process yourself with our instructions.

By clicking here for remote help, you will start downloading a file. When the download is finished, please open it and type in the number, we will give you through a telephone call. You will see your desktop throughout the entire process and you may stop the connection anytime if needed.

I understand and agree with above instructions


Click here for remote help